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EF61 Small Embroidery Hoop 2cm x 6cm


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EF61 Small Embroidery Hoop 2cm x 6cm Overview

Embroidery hoop for monograms for collars and cuffs. Adjustment screw for securing a wide variety of fabric thicknesses in the hoop. Clear grid notched for accurate placement of embroidery designs. Markings on hoop for easy reference. 60mm x 20mm embroidery area.

Suitable for models: Innov-Is 90, 500, 500D, 900, 950, 955, M230E, M240ED, M280D, M330E, M380D

Product code: BROEF61/XA6630102

Main Features

  • Lets you stitch out smaller embroidery designs
  • 20mm x 60mm embroidery area
  • Suitable for the Innov-Is 90 500 500D 900 950 955 M230E M240ED M280D M330E M380D