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Embroidery/Darning Foot (PD-H) Category D 859839002


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Embroidery/Darning Foot (PD-H) Category D 859839002 Overview

The Embroidery foot is used for 'freehand' embroidery and darning to ensure proper stitch formation, minimize skipped stitches and puckering and also to protect your fingers whilst you move your fabric freely under the needle. Especially beneficial to those just learning how to do free hand embroidery.

How to use Freehand Embroidery/Darning foot:

  • Attach the darning foot to the presser bar with the lever over the needle clamp screw.
  • Drop the feed dogs or attach a darning plate.
  • Place the fabric, with the hole in the centre, on an embroidery hoop.
  • Lower the foot and sew at a slow speed.
  • Move the fabric back and forth slowly until the darning area is covered.
  • Turn the fabric 1/4 turn (90 degrees) and sew another layer of stitching over the first layer.

Category: D

Product code: 859839002

Main Features

  • Freehand embroidery darning
  • Fabric moves freely under needle
  • Ideal for quilting and home décor
  • Category D