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Pfaff Creative Icon Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Pfaff Creative Icon Sewing & Embroidery Machine


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Pfaff Creative Icon Sewing & Embroidery Machine


Create Perfection

One of the most advanced sewing machines Pfaff has ever created and now you too have the freedom to achieve perfection.

The Pfaff Icon combines the Pfaff legacy of maximum precision with every best-in-class feature you demand. The result is a feat of technological and engineering excellence destined to exceed the aspirations of today’s sewing, quilting and embroidery artisans. With seamless connectivity, unparalleled power, maximum workspace and complete control you have everything you need to create all that you envision exactly as you envision it.

Every feature of the Pfaff Creative Icon sewing and embroidery machine has been designed with you in mind.

Large Workspace

Pfaff have engineered one of the market’s largest workspaces: a 69% increase in area, 12.2in (310mm) width and 5.51in (140mm) height. Pfaff have also increased the height under the sewing head to 3in (76.2mm), allowing plenty of room for your hands. Comprehensive Connectivity with WiFi and mySewnet.  Get connected with WiFi. Pfaff provide automatic updates through WiFi connectivity, mySewnet cloud storage, Pfaff SewNotice Embroidery notification app, and Pfaff ImageStitch app. Receive alerts on your smartphone, stay connected with machine updates, real-time project status and digitize photos when you’re on the go.

Power, Stability and Precision

Pfaff have revamped the base design which reduces vibrations, giving you the power and stability you need for the most precise results. Pfaff have increased needle piercing force by more than 90% to 150 NWT for more strength.

Unprecedented Lighting Design

With innovative lighting technology this gives you one of the most even work lights on the market for the brightest sewing experience. LED lighting is perfectly positioned at the most beneficial points to eliminate shadows.

Innovative and Exclusive Stitches

Experience unique, advanced sewing techniques: Floating Stitches, Radiant Stitches, Single, Double and Triple Ribbon Stitches, Lace Edge Stitches and Stacking Stitches for sophisticated design. Customise projects with 27 proprietary embroidery techniques, and 812 (47 machine-exclusive) built-in embroidery designs.

Enhanced Original IDT

Perfect your creativity with the Pfaff Original IDT technology, which precisely feeds all types of fabric for perfect stitching every time. A built-in sensor will also let you know when to activate it! Together with 8 feeding segments, the most in the market, it delivers exceptional feeding for professional results.

Automatic Needle Threader

The fully automatic needle threader is available on the most advanced Pfaff machine for the utmost efficiency and convenience. The thread paths with telescopic thread guides allow you to use all of your favourite threads, even if they are on larger spools.

Multi-Touch, Tablet-Like Screen

The Pfaff Icon has a supersized, interactive tablet display, with customisable interface and one of the largest screens in the market, allows even more creativity. The screen is - 68% bigger than before and works like a smart phone or tablet. Swipe, zoom, pinch and personalise on the brand’s largest, most customisable and intuitive 10.1" (257mm) full-colour display.

Smart, Computerised Interface

The fully-reworked Graphical User Interface, Pfaff Help Center, User’s Guide and Getting Started are built to advise and inspire sewists.

Shared Sewing Knowledge

Our Help Center features more than 100 animated or illustrated interactive on-screen, step-by-step guides for reference and efficiency in support of countless projects.

Designed for the Artisan

Enjoy sophisticated, contemporary yet timeless design, which dazzles from every angle. This is an ergonomically enhanced, top-of-the-line machine that comes complete with a redesigned handle, rubberised hand-wheel and curved workspace.

Large Embroidery Area

Embroidery area at 14.11" x 10.2" (360mm x 260mm). Embroider up to 14.11" x 13.78" (360mm x 350mm) using the optional Grand Dream Hoop (not included).

Let the Pfaff Creative Icon be your muse. If you appreciate rare embellishments and have an eye for the perfect ones. The Pfaff Creative Icon sewing and embroidery machine will take you any place you and your creativity want to go.

The Pfaff Creative Icon brings the best of global innovations in technology to those who sew, thereby creating a new definition for the ultimate sewing experience:

  • A large, high resolution, intuitive and customisable full-colour tablet-like display is standard.
  • Enhanced IDT improves feeding on virtually any fabric. It now also comes with a built-in sensor that let’s you know when to activate it!
  • 8 feeding segments, the most in the market, delivers exceptional feeding for professional results.
  • Pfaff's exclusive Stitch Creator gives you the freedom to develop your own originalstitches, or modify any built in stitch, up to 9mm.

Embroider with one of the most advanced design systems

The Pfaff Creative Icon allows you to imagine unlimited embroidery designs and incorporate them flawlessly into your projects:

  • More than 800 embroidery options are built-in, 47 of them exclusive.
  • The Pfaff patented ActivStitch technology gives you perfect embroidery results with any thread.
  • A large embroidery area, using an optional 14.7" x 13.8" (360mm x 350mm) turnable Grand Dream Hoop (not included).
  • Comprehensive connectivity incorporates real-time project alerts and updates on your smartphone. Includes mySewnet cloud storage, Pfaff SewNotice notifications app and the Pfaff ImageStitch app.

Quilt with one of the most advanced engineering

The Pfaff Creative Icon is a feat of engineering prowess, designed so you can accomplish the most artistic and complex projects with ease:

  • Powerful performance with a large and bright workspace.
  • The machine frame is created with simulation-based engineering to minimise vibrations.
  • Market-leading needle piercing force achieves perfection with any fabric type or thickness.
  • A large workspace area — 12.2" (310mm) from needle to arm and 5.5" (140mm) in height — suitable for any size project and any quilting technique.

Own the very best from Pfaff

The Pfaff Creative Icon is destined to satisfy sewists, quilters and embroiderers who envision perfection − and are determined to achieve it.

Over 35 Market Leading Features** vs. Other Top-of-the Line Models Including:

  • Large working area at 12.2" width and 5.1" height (310mm and 140mm)
  • Large maximum embroidery area, with optional Grand Dream Hoop 14.11" x 13.78" (360mm x 350mm)
  • Large embroidery area with included hoops 14.11" x 10.2" (360mm x 260mm)
  • Increased height under sewing head at 3" (76.2mm)
  • Innovative lighting designed for a bright work space and even light disbursement
  • Light weight top-of-the-line machine at 34.2lb (15.5kg)
  • Intense needle force
    Exclusive embroidery techniques (27)
  • Advanced Shape Creator
  • Large stitch plate with markings on both sides up to 21/2" (63.5mm)
  • Multi-touch tablet-screen with swipe, pinch and zoom functions

Over 25 features exclusive to the Pfaff Creative Icon including**:

  • Custom graphical user interface specific to the model
  • Pfaff Creative Icon Help Center with tutorials, techniques, Quick Start guide, and User’s Manual
  • Large dynamic, on-screen embroidery edit area
  • Unique apps for connectivity: Pfaff SewNotice app, Pfaff ImageStitch app and Pfaff CreatorCue app
  • Exclusive ActivStitch System for ideal thread portioning
  • Enhanced Original IDT System for perfect sewing
  • Enhanced Shape Creator for more precise results
  • Signature collection of exclusive designs (47)
  • Exclusive fonts: Adina and Ellipse
  • Change placement and size of on screen tools
  • Unique stitch technique – Triple Ribbon Stitches (10)
  • Unique stitch technique – Floating Stitches (23)
  • Unique stitch technique – Radiant Stitches (13)
  • Unique stitch technique – Lace Edge (6)
  • Unique stitch technique – Stacking Stitches (30)
  • Rubberised storage compartment
  • 360-degree machine redesign with ergonomic styling
  • Full-length handle for balance and easy to carry

Over 120 Improved Features* Including:

  • Tablet-like screen with the ability to use multi-touch gestures
  • Smart tool boxes
  • 10.1" (257mm) display screen area, a 68% increase
  • Large single position embroidery area at 14.11" x 10.24" (360mm x 260mm)
  • Large working space area, a 69% increase in length x width
  • More space for your hands under the sewing head, 3" (76.2mm)
  • Grid function with ability to set grid size
  • Enhanced viewing angles below sewing head
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 30% larger bobbin
  • Improved work lighting with 9 points of light for brightest, most evenly dispersed display with no shadows
  • New telescopic thread guide and thread paths
  • Ability to use large thread cones without the need for extra attachment
  • Less vibration with a new base plate design for stability and strength
  • WiFi for automatic software updates
  • mySewnet cloud storage to send embroideries to/from your machine automatically over WiFi
  • Pfaff SewNotice app to monitor the process of your embroidering
  • Pfaff ImageStitch app to digitize photos from your mobile device into monochromatic designs
  • Increased needle force by 90%
  • Redesigned mechanics for increased sewing performance
  • Additional Double Ribbon Stitch techniques (14)
  • Improved stitch quality of handlook stitch with increased tension
  • Includes Supreme Hoop 14.17" x 10.24" (360mm x 260mm)
  • Includes Elite Hoop 10.24" x 7.87" (260mm x 200mm)
  • Includes Square Hoop 4.27" x 4.27" (120mm x 120mm)
  • Includes 26 custom accessories
  • Bobbin winding through needle
  • Significantly increased storage space in accessory tray
  • Rubberised storage insert tray
  • Redesigned Knee Lift for ease of use
  • Specific storage for straight stitch plate
  • Extended lines on the stitch plate – up to 21/2" (65mm)
  • Rubberised handwheel designed for better grip
  • Rubberised handle for more comfortable grip when carrying machine
  • New handle design and location for easy transport and balance

* "Improved Features" when compared with Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro II and other Pfaff machines.
** "Market Leading" and "Exclusive" features when compared with other top-of-the-line models: Brother Innovis XV-8500D, Babylock Destiny II, Janome Horizon MC 15000, Bernina 880 Plus and Husqvarna Viking® Designer Epic™.

*** Please note that this machine can not be purchased online.  If you would like to purchase or would like to book a demonstration please call us on 0800 622 6224. 



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Mechanical Parts5 years5 years
Electrical Parts5 years5 years
Labour5 years5 years
Collection & DeliveryN/A5 years

Photo gallery

Main features

  • Large Workspace - 12.2" (310mm) width and 5.51" (140mm) high
  • Large embroidery area - 14.11" x 10.2" (360mm x 260mm)
  • LED lighting
  • Over 800 stitches
  • 9mm decorative stitches
  • Maxi stitches up to 52mm wide.
  • Tapering on decorative stitches
  • Comprehensive connectivity with WiFi and mySewnet
  • Power, stability and precision
  • Enhanced original IDT
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Multi-touch, tablet-like screen
  • Telescopic thread guide
  • Multiple USB ports (2)
  • Straight stitch needle plate with sensor
  • ActivStitch technology
  • Built-in accessory tray
  • Separate bobbin winding motor
  • Top and bobbin thread sensors
  • Thread snips
  • 30% larger bobbin
  • Jam proof rotary hook
  • Pfaff embroidery carrying case included
  • Updatable firmware
  • Enhanced fabric feed
  • Enhanced electronic knee-lift
  • Floating stitches
  • Radiant stitches
  • Lace edge stitches
  • Triple, double, and single ribbon stitches
  • Stacking stitches
  • Enhanced stitch creator feature
  • Stitch repeat
  • Enhanced electronic knee-lift
  • Free-motion modes
  • Stitch width safety
  • Sew with embroidery unit on
  • Stitch positioning
  • Stitch density
  • Automatic presser foot lift
  • 6 built-in sewing fonts
  • 2 for monogramming
  • Sensormatic buttonhole
  • Mirror image of stitches
  • Twin needle program
  • Stitch restart
  • Needle up/down
  • Start/stop
  • Embroidery Features:
  • Enhanced shape creator feature
  • Applique creator
  • Over 800 embroidery designs
  • Precise positioning feature
  • Embroidery stitch out overview
  • Faster embroidery speed
  • Up to 1050 stitches per minute
  • Cut jump stitches
  • Autosave
  • 8 built-in embroidery fonts
  • Embroider any sewing stitch
  • Undo/redo in embroidery edit
  • Hoop positions
  • Move the hoop to four constant positions: Current stitch, park, centre, and trim.
  • 3 Embroidery Hoops Included
  • Creative 120 square hoop (120 x 120mm)
  • Creative elite hoop (260 x 200mm)
  • Creative supreme hoop (360 x 260mm)
  • QuickFont program included
  • Program for viewing and organising designs
  • Creative signature embroidery programs
  • Mirror, rotate, resize, scale, multi-select and grouping, colour edit, monochrome, baste in the hoop
  • Color block sort, color block merge, change stitch-out order

Standard accessories

  • Standard presser foot for IDT system - 0A (on machine)
  • Fancy stitch foot for IDT system - 1A
  • Fancy stitch foot - 2A
  • Blindhem foot for IDT system - 3
  • Zipper foot for IDT system - 4
  • Sensormatic buttonhole foot - 5A
  • Manual buttonhole foot - 5M
  • Embroidery/sensormatic free motion foot - 6A
  • Dynamic spring foot - 6D
  • ¼″ quilting foot for IDT system
  • Maxi stitch foot - 8
  • Bi-level guide foot for IDT system
  • Creative 120 square hoop (120 x 120mm)
  • Creative elite hoop (260 x 200mm)
  • Creative supreme hoop (360 x 260mm)
  • Thread net (4)
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam ripper
  • Brush
  • Bobbins (9)
  • Edge/Quilting guide (used attached to presser foot ankle)
  • Thread cone holder (2)
  • Hoop clips (16)
  • Spool cap large (2)
  • Spool cap medium (2)
  • Spool cap small (2)
  • Large spool holder
  • Bobbin case for straight stitch left (black)
  • Knee lift
  • Straight stitch needle plate
  • Multipurpose tool/button reed
  • Complimentary software (PC) to download
  • Soft cover for machine
  • Luggage style carrying bag with packing insert for embroidery unit
  • Foot control
  • Power cord
  • Needles
  • Creative Icon sampler book