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Brother VR Embroidery/Free Motion Machine

Brother VR Embroidery/Free Motion Machine


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Simthread 63 Satin Embroidery Threads
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Brother VR Embroidery/Free Motion Machine


Take your embroidery to the next level

The VR is a completely new concept in embroidery. For the frst time, hobbyists and enthusiasts can buy a machine that combines commercial features and functionality with easy-to-use technology and advanced levels of customisation; all in the comfort of your own home. Take on large projects using the 200 x 200mm (8" x 8") embroidery area, giving you the creative space to design without limits. The thread colour sorting function allows fewer colour changes which can signifcantly reduce the time taken to complete a multi-colour embroidery. Our new concept machine brings all the features of a small enterprise machine into your craft room.

Advancing Creativity

The VR gives you the tools to unlock your embroidery potential. Its unrivalled combination of features and functionality allows you to truly unleash your creativity, bringing increased levels of efciency and individuality to your work. The smooth VR delivers up to 1000 stitches per minute with zero compromise on quality. The 200 x 200mm (8" x 8") embroidery area allows you to take on large and complex designs in confdence, without the need to re-hoop.

The LED pointer helps you achieve perfect needle placement, showing exactly where the needle will drop. Tackle diferent projects with a range of  frame choices as standard, including portrait and landscape options. And what better way to appreciate your stitch work and colours than under a crisp, natural, full spectrum LED light.

Thread colour sorting means you'll make fewer colour changes, and when you do, it'll be quicker and more efcient than other single needle machines. More creation, less work - the bobbin sensor will tell you when the thread is broken or has run out. While anytime access lets you change the lower bobbin without removing your project. 

  • 200 x 200mm (8" x 8") embroidery area allows you to create large designs without the need to re-hoop.
  • Send your own designs to the machine from either a memory stick or your computer, using the two USB ports. Then use the large 7”, 260,000 colour LCD touch screen to mirror, rotate, resize and add multiple lines of text quickly and easily.
  • The thread colour sorting can minimise the number of colour changes in multi-colour designs, reducing embroidery time.
  • See exactly where the needle will drop and adjust the position accurately with the LED needle pointer.

305 built-in patterns

The VR gives you out-of-the-box access to 305 built-in patterns including Vintage, Trendy and Floral Alphabet designs. Enjoy personalizing your projects with 20 built-in fonts and scroll through thread charts from leading thread manufacturers - simply choose the brand and the matching colour
will be displayed.

Import your own designs through the two USB ports, allowing you to upload from a memory stick or a connected computer. Then use the large 7” colour LCD touch-screen display to mirror, rotate, resize, recolour and add multiple line lettering. Add personal touches to items such as towels, beach bags, work clothes, sports kits and much more. The VR gives your work a professional fnish with a personal touch, allowing you the creative freedom to put your own individual designs and fare on any material.

Brother listened to the embroidery community and gave the VR the popular 200 x 200mm (8" x 8") embroidery area - great for larger projects, quilting and lacing. Choose from 20 built-in fonts, including Cyrillic.

Needle threader

Push-button needle threader makes it quick and easy to get started on your next design. Simply follow the thread guide and press the button to thread the needle.

Built-in learning support

The on-screen guides take you through setup and basic operation to help you get the most from your VR.

Upper and lower thread sensors

Upper and lower thread sensors alert you when a thread is broken or has run out.

Multiple frame sizes

Enjoy a range of frame types and sizes, including tubular for T-shirts and towels, etc. Large frame for quilts, small portrait and landscape frames
- perfect for vertical and horizontal pockets.

Enjoy free-motion sewing and quilting

With the included free-motion embroidery kit, the VR can easily be converted to a free-motion embroidery machine

  • Add free-motion stippling to quilts to achieve a personal fnish
  • Create your own free-motion sewing designs and artwork
  • Adding free-motion to large projects or quilts is easy as movement is not restricted as it can be with fatbed sewing machines
  • The included large wide table supports the fabric while stitching and gives you a huge area to work on
  • Set various vertical needle drop positions to suit the project or the way you like to free-motion embroider
  • Easily adjust the maximum sewing speed using the on-screen speed adjustment, and also programme in and save two speed settings on-screen
  • Foot pedal is included so you can keep your concentration and both hands on your work
  • Using the included free-motion grip allows you to move the fabric easily for smooth, free-motion embroidery

A professional fnish with a personal touch

Unlock your individuality and true embroidery potential with professional functionality in your own home - introducing the VR.

Multiple line text input

Allows multiple lines of text to be entered without having to manually reposition.

Easy access to bobbin

Easily replace the bobbin without removing the hoop.

Independent bobbin winder

The built-in independent bobbin winder is quick and easy. Allows you to wind a new bobbin while the machine is embroidering.

Large colour LCD touch screen

Easily edit and adjust embroidery designs, add lettering and re-size from the touch screen.

305 built-in patterns

Wide variety of built-in designs including Greek and foral alphabets, decorative and quilt patterns.

4 Spool thread stand

The VR is equipped with a 4 spool thread stand. Ideal for quick thread changes.  

Large embroidery area 200 x 200mm (8" x 8")

Create large embroidery designs with no need to re-hoop.

Free-arm embroidery

Embroider on shirt pockets, sleeves, jeans pockets, etc.

Thread colour sorting

Adjust the order in which multi-colour embroidery designs are stitched - reducing colour changes and minimising embroidery time.

USB ports

Insert a USB memory stick or connect directly to your PC to send embroidery designs to the VR.

Single colour pattern converter

Push one button to embroider a multi-coloured design in a single colour.

20 built-in fonts

A wide range of built-in fonts to personalise your projects.

Free-motion embroidery kit

Convert the VR into a free-motionembroidery machine for quilting and free-motion sewing.

LED pointer for perfect needle positioning

The LED pointer makes it easy to see exactly where the needle will drop. Allowing you to position jobs faster and more accurately than ever.

Included embroidery frames:

200 x 200mm (8" x 8") frame
100 x 100mm (4" x 4") frame
Compact S Frames - ideal for adding embroidery to pockets and sleeves
70 x 41mm (2.75" x 1.61") frame
50 x 50mm (1.97" x 1.97") frame
44 x 38mm (1.73" x 1.49") frame
33 x 75mm (1.29" x 2.95") frame



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Mechanical Parts1 year1 year
Electrical Parts1 year1 year
Labour1 year1 year
Collection & DeliveryN/A1 year

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Main features

  • Embroidery/Free motion machine
  • 305 built in designs
  • 20 built in fonts
  • Embroidery area 200 x 200mm
  • Free motion sewing & quilting capability
  • Front loading bobbin
  • Automatic tension
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Free arm embroidery
  • LED pointer
  • 7 inch screen
  • Cyclider arm
  • Anytime access to bobbin
  • Built in bobbin winder
  • Colour ordering
  • Enhanced text editing
  • 1000 stitches per minute
  • Weight - 30kg approx
  • Dimensions 51cm (W) x 58cm (D) x 58cm (H)

Standard accessories

  • Accessory case
  • Needle set
  • Prewound bobbin × 5
  • Metal bobbin × 3
  • Spool net × 4
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Touch pen
  • Needle changing tool (Threader)
  • Needle plate spacer
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Standard screwdriver
  • Allen screwdriver
  • Offset screwdriver
  • Disc-shaped screwdriver
  • Screwdriver (large)
  • Wrench 13 × 10
  • Oiler
  • Cleaning brush
  • Weight (L)
  • Weight (S)
  • USB cable
  • Embroidery frame (extra large) 200 mm (H) × 200 mm (W)
  • Embroidery frame (medium) 100 mm (H) × 100 mm (W)
  • Compact frame (70) 41 mm (H) × 70 mm (W)
  • Compact frame (50) 50 mm (H) × 50 mm (W)
  • Compact frame (44) 38 mm (H) × 44 mm (W)
  • Compact frame (Portrait orientation) 33 mm (H) × 75 mm (W)
  • Embroidery sheet (extra large) 200 mm (H) × 200 mm (W)
  • Embroidery sheet (medium) 100 mm (H) × 100 mm (W)
  • Operation manual
  • Embroidery design guide
  • Spool mat × 4
  • Spool cap × 4
  • Embroidery frame holder a
  • Embroidery frame holder e