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Hemmer Foot (Narrow) 2mm Category B/C 820809014


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Hemmer Foot (Narrow) 2mm Category B/C 820809014 Overview

The Hemmer foot, sometimes referred to as the rolled hemmer is used to stitch the narrow rolled hems usually found on shirt tails, table linens and along the edge of frills. The Hemmer foot is designed with a scroll shaped feeder on top and a straight groove on the underside which determines the width of the finished hem.

There are three different sizes of hemmer foot available. The standard 2mm hemmer foot is for lightweight fabrics.

How to use the Hemmer foot (Narrow) 2mm:

  1. Place the fabric, aligning the hem edge with the guide on the foot.
  2. Lower the foot and sew several stitches while pulling both threads to the back.
  3. Stop the machine with the needle in the fabric and raise the presser foot.
  4. Insert the folded portion of the fabric into the curl of the foot.
  5. Lower the foot and sew while lifting up the fabric edge to keep it feeding smoothly and evenly.

Category: B/C

Product code: 820809014

Main Features

  • Apply narrow rolled hems
  • Ideal for shirts tablecloths or frills
  • Suitable for lightweight fabrics
  • Category B