Baby Lock

In 1964 several engineers and middle mangers working for the Tokyo Juki Industrial Company, had a new idea. Tokyo Juki Company built industrial sewing machines used in the garment manufacturing industry. This group believed they could redesign the industrial overlocker to be smaller and lighter for use by the home sewer. They saw that factories could sew a garment together in minutes using an overlocker, while the home sewer was taking hours. It was their belief that the home sewer would love such a machine. They presented their idea to the management of their company who did not accept their idea as valid. The group was so committed to this concept that they quit their jobs and formed a new company to design and build their dream machine. This was the birth of the company , and a machine called Baby Lock. The EF-205 was mass produced in 1967 and became the worlds first domestic overlocker.

Still led by several of the original founders, Baby Lock has continued to be the leading innovator of the home overlocker business for more than 35 years.

Although several other manufacturers ironically enough including Tokyo Juki Industrial, have entered the overlocker business, none of these companies have the many years experience of Baby Lock. Only experience and Japanese precision engineering can bring to the marketplace such features as Jet Air Threading, ATS (Automatic Thread Delivery System) and stitch quality that no other overlocker can match. Baby Lock is  the genuine original and still the best.

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